Keeping your LMS up to WCAG standards should be piece of cake

Accessibility tools

We are building an accessibility manager tool called BAM. Universities and schools accessibility responsibles face enough none IT related issues to afford spending time controlling content accessibility, training content creator or even checking that new third party tools are up to standard. BAM quickly train your content creator to the major issues and alert you of any negative change happening that could cause damage to the university reputation.

Monitor the accessibility issues of your LMS

We created many Moodle plugins like the course guide plugin, Oauth2 authentication plugin, Quizz reports...

A decade of e-learning work

We developped many Moodle plugins for our clients, mainly for universities. We developed the Poodll iOS app. Our team members also worked on the Moodle HQ mobile apps. Our experience also includes upgrading of a heavily customized and large Moodle site from 1.9 to 2.7.

They contribute to our success

Jerome Mouneyrac

Product designer, developer

Our contractors

We regularly contract branchup, our innovation partner. On the picture, Frédéric Massart, the director.

Our clients

Their feedbacks are unvaluable, and they make us exist. On the picture, Justin Hunt, the director of the Poodll recording platform.

“Our mission is to help people to gain the knowledge and skills that matter to them, in the most efficient and satisfying way”

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